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Words of Encouragement

August 11, 2022

Does God want to speak to us? Is God always with us? My answer is, “Yes, God is always with us and wants us to draw close.”
My family and I were attending a reunion many years ago. There was a need within me to be reassured that God was with me. As I was sitting in the worship service, I felt a deep need to be administered to.  I was quite touched as many of the reunion attendees stood in a circle with the elders surrounding me. It was a beautiful, powerful, spiritual experience! Afterward, three people came to me separately to tell me they had seen Christ standing by my right side. What an experience of reassurance!
I realized how very much God wants to speak to us! But do we want to speak to the Lord? Do we want to hear what God has to say to us?
My wonderful wife, Patti, has a saying she loves: “If I say no, then that is the end of it. If I say yes, then the possibilities are endless.”
Too many times I have wanted God to speak to me, but only in words or actions I wanted to hear. I have wanted blessings that were physical; instead, I got spiritual ones or challenges I wasn’t looking for. These have caused me to grow. God loves us and wants to see us grow spiritually.
What are we looking for in our relationship with God? Are we truly willing to listen to our God and work to respond to our individual calls? How do we hear? We hear through a deep desire and exercise of faith. We hunger for God to speak to us. God yearns to draw us close.