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God's Liberation

August 10, 2022

The movement of God in history, in human lives and societies, is a movement of liberation, of freedom, of throwing off the shackles of oppression and announcing the end of terror and fear.
Liberation is about setting things right. It’s about restoring the balance between people who had once been on opposite sides of power. Liberation is releasing the enslaved from their suffering and diminishment and the enslaver from their hatred and violence toward others. It is a reconciliation of both oppressed and oppressor to their fullness of humanity.
Liberation is a shattering of the tools and techniques that allow one person to exert control over another—and prohibiting the chains from being forged again. Liberation changes how we view one another and redefines who is worthy of being heard. Liberation robs the powerful of excuses and rejects exceptions. There can be no partial or contingent liberation.
No power structure is safe from liberation’s equalizing impulse. People can’t be truly liberated and expected to function within the same system that oppressed them before. The entire system must be rewritten under the refining auspices of justice and equity. You don’t get to celebrate the end of one empire by replacing it with another. God’s redemption, God’s freedom, God’s liberation upends the systems themselves and replaces them completely. God replaces empire and oppression with kindom and mutuality.
In God’s vision for the world, people are no longer seen as disposable or mere numbers, cogs in a machine. No: in God’s liberation, each one is called by name. Valued. Seen. Recognized for their intrinsic humanity. And proclaimed “beloved.” How sacred it is to be known as we are! How incredibly counter-cultural.

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